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For Therapists

Supervision and Consultation

I provide supervision under the AAMFT Supervisor Candidate program.
I have my own supervisor mentor who I meet with about twice per month for this Supervisor-in-Training program.

Consultation for Licensed Therapists

Grow in systemic therapy, attachment frameworks and Emotionally Focused Therapy

Supervision for WA State Associate Level Therapists

Quality, Affordable Supervision with a leading lens of context, social justice and attachment that meets requirements for state licensure

Drop-In Peer-to-Peer Group Consultation

This is a drop-in, free, group consultation with a peer to peer orientation. In this space, we are all learning, attuning, and growing in our own awareness of attachment, systems theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, implicit bias, oppression, power, marginalization and social justice.  Contact me for a "get to know each other" chat and to receive the schedule and zoom links.

For Therapists: Resources
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