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Focused Therapy

Cycles of Comfort & Distress and Rupture & Repair

EFT was originally researched and used with just couples. As the years went on, and with the advancement in the research of this attachment-based therapy, it is now used with individuals and families as well.

EFT with couples uses the 50+ years of attachment science as the framework. It focuses on the emotional experiences and strategies of people to make sense of our underlying fears and longings, and our typical moves of going towards or away from our partner in times of distress or conflict.

EFT requires a solid commitment from life partners to each other and to the relationship. Partners also commit to working on themselves and the dynamics between each other.

EFT is not about learning or being coached in negotiation skills or compromising.

EFT is aimed at creating a more secure bond, or more emotionally engaged attachment, between two committed life partners.

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