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Palm Trees




I have devoted myself to the connection and security

that comes from our most precious relationships  ---

with others, with self, with community and with land.

Connection is inclusive of all of these relationships, 

and when any of these are in place of disconnection,

distress takes over, and our most basic needs for

protection, restoration and revitalization comes alive.

EFT aims to restore and revitalize connection.

In my own life, I have experienced the rupture and

repair in my relationships. I have held the pain of

others, and others have held my pain.

Maui, with the aloha spirit and the connection between the land and the ocean, has been a place of love and restoration for myself, and in my relationship with my

husband, and now with our son.  Throughout my website,

you will see the influence of Maui. Some of the photos

I even took myself like this one you see here of the setting

sun on the horizon against the palm trees. And if you

decide to meet with me, the Maui infleunce continues

in my office.


Na ka oi.


Maui & Me

Maui, HI

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