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The Family Express Podcast E1 Who We Are

Welcome aboard The Family Express podcast, where resilience and connection are our destination! Join your hosts Kathryn de Bruin and Ronda Evans, on a journey through the landscape of emotionally focused family therapy (EFFT).

Together with our guest speakers, we will explore EFFT including lessons learned, shared fears, and the passion that bonds our community. We are so thrilled to embark on this exciting project we've been brewing in the background. As therapists with diverse backgrounds, we'll be delving into the intricacies of family dynamics.

In this our first episode, we introduce ourselves and share our unique paths to family therapy. Kathryn, a South African and American therapist, specializes in working with couples and families with young children. Meanwhile, Ronda, a transplant from California to Washington state, has come full circle in her career, rediscovering her passion for working with the whole family system.

0:27 Welcome and All Aboard !

1:06 Kathryn tells us a little bit about herself.

1:31 We learn a little bit about Ronda.

2:26 How did Kathryn end up working with children even though it wasn’t her original plan?

3:41 EFT (emotionally focused family therapy) focuses on making parents accessible, responsive, and engaged by addressing emotional blocks through support

6:22 Kathryn describes that focusing on children's needs alone in therapy may overlook understanding and supporting caregivers effectively.

8:14 Transforming parents' emotional accessibility through therapy unlocks skills for broader relationships and multiple children.

9:51 Learn more about the EFT model.

12:01 Kathryn describes that buy-in for family therapy begins with the intake call.

14:25 Shifting focus to parental buy-in is important but difficult and we run the risk of losing families without it.

15:18 Some families may struggle to comprehend children's varied emotional responses, including withdrawal, anger, or anxiety.

24:30 Kathryn closes by encouraging therapists and parents to embrace the transformative power of family therapy, which can lead to effective and rapid change.

Kathryn and Ronda are both licensed marriage and family therapists. Kathryn is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Trainer, Supervisor and Therapist. Ronda is an ICEEFT Certified Supervisor and Therapist. They are also both AAMFT Approved Supervisors.


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