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Revitalizing Relationships

Deepen Connection

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"I got you to hold my hand

 I got you to hold me tight

 I got you babe."

Lyrics to "I Got You" sung by Sonny and Cher

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Couples Therapy 

Many couples seek therapy wanting to learn the language of communication. Improved communication comes from a flow of connection in the moment and from attunement to ones own emotions and those of your partner.

In our collaborative work together, we will explore the language of connection (or disconnection) that is spoken through emotions. I exclusively use Emotionally Focused Therapy developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT is one of only two research-based couples therapies. My fidelity to EFT means I have a solid attachment-based framework, and a focus on emotional exploration and the needs and fears we all have in our relationships. 

I invite you to contact me to start the work of revitalizing your relationship with your loved one.

Couples Sex Therapy

Discover sex therapy that is fun and comfortable. Explore intimacy in your relationship. Revitalize connection. Learn to share and talk about your sexual life with your partner. Common issues to explore in sex therapy are:  desire/arousal; mismatch in sexual libido and frequency; orgasmic issues. Sex therapy can be interwoven into couples therapy. For people who experience pain during intercourse, it is recommended to work with a physical therapist and a sex therapist. Sex therapy NEVER involves removing clothes in session.

Individual Adults

Leave behind therapy that focuses on coaching you to use coping skills or develop positive thinking.
In EFT for individual adults, I will be right there beside you as we dive deep into the ocean of emotion and make sense of and see clearly, for perhaps the first time, your interactions with others.
We will explore where you get stuck in interactions with others. We will explore how you see yourself and others. We will explore past hurts and current triggers. We will work together to build your sense of safety in the ocean of emotion.

Pre-marital Counseling

Prepare your marriage just as much as you prepare for the big day. Research has shown that when couples engage in pre-marital counseling the divorce rate is reduced. Pre-marital counseling covers life topics such as values, family life (parenting, in-laws), finances, couples goals and legacy and more. Ronda Evans uses the online, private SYMBIS pre-marital assessment system. Each person completes the online questions and then responses are shared in session. Pre-marital counseling is brief, typically 6 sessions or less and is not covered by insurance. Couples who are preparing for commitment ceremonies are welcome (nContact Ronda Evans to schedule the first session and for fee information.

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