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Affirming of all relationships, all identities, all sexualities.  


Many people seek therapy wanting to learn the language of communication. Improved communication comes from a flow of connection in the moment and from attunement to ones

own emotions and those of your partner.

In our collaborative work together, we will explore the

language and moves of connection or disconnection that

is spoken through emotions. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy  developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT is not about learning negotiation skills or making compromises.

My fidelity to EFT means I have a solid attachment-based framework with a focus on emotional experiencing and tending to the underlying needs and fears inherent in all relationships. 

Learn more about my advanced training in EFT by clicking here.


Explore & Expand​


Discover couples therapy focused on sexual issues and intimacy.  Common sexual issues include '

* mismatch in sexual desire

* improving communication about sexuality and sexual expression

* exploring or navigating open relationships or CNM/ENM

* pain during sex

* recovery after betrayal

* destigmatization of sex and reducing sexual shame

* addressing the intersection of religious, faith, social teachings about sex and sexuality (purity culture is one example) 

* talking to children, tweens and teens about sex & sexuality including safe sex and myths

I am under long term clinical supervision

for sexual issues with Kim Castelo.

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Experience & Transform


Leave behind therapy that focuses on coaching you to use coping skills or develop positive thinking.
In EFT for individual adults, I will be right there beside you as we dive deep into the ocean of emotion and make sense of, and see clearly for perhaps the first time, your own patterns and patterns with others. We will explore where you get stuck in interactions with others and how you see yourself and others, and we will privilege interactions between us as worthy of exploration of these patterns and the healing potential these interactions can hold for you.


Comfort & Care


Prepare your marriage just as much as you prepare for the big day. Research has shown that when couples engage in pre-marital counseling the divorce rate is reduced. Pre-marital counseling covers life topics such as values, family life (parenting, in-laws), finances, couples goals and legacy and more. Ronda Evans uses the online, private SYMBIS pre-marital assessment system. Each person completes the online questions and then responses are shared in session. Pre-marital counseling is brief, typically 6 sessions or less and is not covered by insurance. 

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Double rainbow over Kalalau valley, seen from Pihea trail, Kauai, Hawaii. Shoot through a


'Ohana &  Aloha

Creating a family is an adventure of a lifetime, and each experience is so very unique.  With adventure, comes an array of emotions and surprises. These surprises and challenges can impact anyone of any gender in a family.

Therapy is available for anyone seeking support with their personal journey of creating a family related to perinatal and postpartum needs including:

* difficulty with trying to conceive (fertility/IUI/IVF) 

* miscarriage and loss

* pregnancy

* neonatal and NICU babies and their parents

* infant loss

* adjusting roles and lifestyle in welcoming baby home

* adoption process

I am a Certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist

with Postpartum Support International.

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